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BUR - Built-Up Systems

The built-up roofing system is one of the most common choices for flat and low-slope roofs. The technique has been used for more than 100 years and is often called the “tar and gravel” roof, reflecting the materials used.

One thing that sets BUR systems apart from other roofing systems is the several layers that provide durability and protection from the elements. Before the layers of BUR systems are attached, a substrate and roof insulation must be in place:

  • Substrates could be made of the roof deck, the original roofing system, or an insulation system.
  • Roof insulation may consist of fibreglass or recycled cellulose material and sometimes consists of insulated glass, foam, or wool.


Once the building has been prepared, layers of bitumen, ply sheets or felts, and roofing asphalt are applied.

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The Popularity and Dependability of Asphalt

Asphalt, sometimes known as bitumen, is sticky and highly viscous. Bituminous materials, including asphalt, are some of the oldest materials used in construction. The materials are affordable and sustainable because they can be reclaimed, reused, and recycled. Asphalt provides several benefits, including protection against corrosion, water damage, and extreme weather. Other bituminous materials may be used in addition to asphalt:

  • Coal tar
  • Solvent-based adhesives
  • Aluminum or elastomeric coatings


At All Systems Roofing in Cambridge, we use an asphalt combination to increase the durability of your roof. The asphalt system is cost-effective as well as simple to install and maintain.

Layers of Felt Sheets

Felts or plies are fabrics made from and reinforced with fibreglass and organic materials. As each sheet is laid, it is bonded to the bitumen beneath it. Our BUR system is made up of several plies of organic felt paper and may include fibreglass felts.

At All Systems Roofing, we prefer asphalt combinations specialized for your unique conditions. The final or top layer is the gravel surface that protects the layers underneath and provides a textured surface that is safe for maintenance crews and other workers.

Advantages of BUR Systems

The built-up roofing system has many advantages and is particularly appropriate for commercial and industrial applications. All Systems Roofing’s BUR system:

  • Provides waterproof protection for buildings.
  • Stands up well to ultra-violet rays of the sun.
  • Resists heat conduction resulting in decreased heating and cooling costs.
  • Is made up of fire-resistant materials and meets strict fire resistance requirements.
  • Is less expensive than other roofing systems and holds its value for many years, often longer than 30 years.
  • Is less costly to maintain and repair than other systems.
  • Can be walked on safely even during the winter.

The alternating layers of bitumen and felts provide protection, strength, and tolerance when faced with common threats, such as puncture damage, building stress, and thermal shocks. The toughness of the BUR system results in a roof that protects your building for many years with affordable maintenance and repairs. 

Are you concerned about the state of your existing roofing system? Have you had to work around water dripping from the ceiling a few too many times? All Systems Roofing is ready to meet your flat or low-slope roofing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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