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Flat Roofing System

Many commercial and industrial buildings use a flat roof design. This structure allows for commercial systems, like air conditioners, to be installed on the roof. Explore the types of flat roofing materials All Systems Roofing can maintain, repair and install on your commercial building in Cambridge or the surrounding area.

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Built-Up Systems

A built-up roof, or built-up system, uses a semi-flexible membrane that extends across the entire roof. It’s made up of plies, which are layers of felt or fabric. A layer of asphalt-based material is applied in between several layers of plies. This layered design gives this roofing system its name.

Choose a built-up roof if you’re looking for a durable, affordable option. This material doesn’t offer the same energy efficiency as a modern alternative, so it may not decrease your energy costs in the same way as another option.

EPDM Systems

EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. This material looks and feels like rubber, so it’s an excellent choice for an impact-resistant flat roof. EPDM can also be described as a rubber roof or thermoset single-ply membrane.

A professionally installed EPDM system can last a long time and provide reliable waterproofing. Ask our team at All Systems Roofing about adding a light-coloured material to this black roofing material to improve its energy efficiency.

Mechanical Curbs and Flashings

While not a full-roof cover, mechanical curbs and flashings offer leak-proof barriers around the edges of your chosen roofing material. At All Systems Roofing, we’re dedicated to providing practical solutions that don’t miss minor details.

Whether you have a metal roof, EPDM system, built-up roof or other commercial solution, you’ll need curbs and flashing around the edges of your roof, any skylights and any vents. These breaks in the surface of your flat roof can cause serious leaks if not sealed properly with commercial-grade flashing.

Modified Bitumen Systems

Choose a roofing material that’s designed to handle foot traffic without leaking or cracking. Modified bitumen is a reliable option that is much thicker than most single-ply solutions. We use a cold process sheet material that’s durable, energy-efficient and capable of protecting your roof from leaks.

This material is petroleum-based but feels more like rubber or EPDM. It offers improved energy efficiency, which can reduce the cost of heating and cooling your commercial facility.

TPO and PVC Systems

Both TPO and PVC are plastic materials that are white, highly reflective and resistant to chemical damage. Thermoplastic polyolefin and polyvinyl chloride are commonly used on restaurants and other food service industry buildings. Fats and oils from daily operations can wear away other roofing materials, but TPO and PVC systems are protected from the worst effects of these substances.

We install this roofing material by welding the seams together after rolling it out and adhering it to the roof deck. The process is more time-consuming than other roofing systems but allows for an energy-efficient and waterproof design.

Explore these roofing systems today to see why All Systems Roofing is your premier roofing contractor in Cambridge.

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