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If you are looking for a flat roofing contractor in Cambridge, look no further. With 20 years of experience in this field, All Systems Roofing provides installation, maintenance and repair services for all types of commercial, industrial, and residential flat roofs. We focus on the quality of work and customer satisfaction. Call us now

EPDM Systems

The primary ingredients in this type of roofing are ethylene and propylene. EPDM is a vulcanized rubber that can withstand exposure to UV rays. EPDM roofing comes in two thicknesses, and two types - reinforced and non-reinforced.

This system is a durable synthetic rubber membrane which is ideally used for all flat roofing applications.

The great advantage of this roofing is that it remains durable and flexible in all weather conditions. This system also does not emit any odour when it is

being installed, which is unlike any other type of roofing. There are three different application methods for EPDM systems: 

  • Fully adhered 
  • Mechanically fastened 
  • Ballasted

Built-up Systems

All Systems Roofing is a specialist when it comes to the built-up roofing (BUR) systems. Also known as a tar and gravel roof, this type of roof is the oldest form of flat roofing system. It consists of four plies of organic felt paper and asphalt combination. The plies may also include organic or fiberglass felts. Built-up roofing is usually finished off with a gravel surface.

While this method may reduce the installation cost and may be suitable for more demanding roofing requirements, it is not recommended for slope roofs. Also, during its application, the system emits a slight odour.

Mechanical Curbs and Flashings

All Systems Roofing installs all types and dimensions of mechanical curbs and flashings for flat roofing systems. The different types of systems for which we can provide mechanical curbs and flashings include:

  • BUR systems 
  • Modified bitumen systems 
  • EPDM systems 
  • PVC / TPO systems  
  • Metal roofs

Modified Bitumen Systems

The modified bitumen system is a reinforced two-ply system consisting of a base sheet and a cap sheet. It is typically a factory rolled product that is made from rubberised or polymeric asphalt. This membrane has a granulated surface that comes in various colours and protects against UV rays. This system can be used on low slope surfaces, where shingle will fail. This system can be mopped in asphalt or torch applied.

TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) and PVC Systems

While both the thermoplastic olefin (TPO) and the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are single ply membrane roofing systems, their base chemical composition is quite different. TPO is made from ethylene-propylene rubber and polypropylene. PVC is polyvinyl chloride which is composed of numerous vinyl chloride monomers. The TPO and PVC are available in multiple colours. However, the most popular among customers are white and grey.

In these types of roofing systems, the seams are heat welded. They can be fully adhered or mechanically fastened. The sheet roll generally ranges from six to twelve feet in width. Furthermore, the membranes are typically somewhere between 45ml to 60ml.

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