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Mechanical Curbs and Flashings

Your roof has several penetrations for HVAC and other systems. Don’t let these areas cause your roof to leak. Turn to All Systems Roofing for mechanical curbs and flashings services. Discover how we can install and repair mechanical curbs and flashings in Cambridge and the surrounding area.

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Why Curbs and Flashings Are Important

Heating, air conditioning, ventilation and other systems may require penetrations in your flat roof. These penetrations allow air to come in and exhaust fumes to leave the building safely. Any hole in your roof can turn an otherwise solid, waterproof surface into a leaking system.

Curbs and flashings are the solutions for these compromised areas. These metal, plastic or other material components are inserted underneath roofing material or safely installed above it. The goal is to prevent water and debris from penetrating the waterproof exterior layer of your flat roof.

An improperly installed flashing or curb may appear to seal your roof but can allow water to enter it. Water under the waterproof layer of your flat roof can seep into the building and cause mould and mildew issues. Excess moisture also damages insulation and increases the risk of an electrical shock. Protect your property from these issues with All Systems Roofing curb and flashing services.

You may not immediately notice a damaged curb or faulty flashing. It takes an experienced eye to catch an issue before it causes serious interior damage to your building. Look for water spots on your ceiling or pooling water on top of your roof. Your roofing material may also pull up around flashing, or the flashing may be corroded. All these signs may mean you need our professional services.

Where We Install Mechanical Curbs and Flashings

We include curbs and flashing as part of a full-service roof repair or installation project. Here are some common roofing materials that require flashings to prevent water from entering your roofline:

  • EPDM systems
  • Metal roofs
  • Built-up systems
  • PVC and TPO systems
  • Modified bitumen


All of these flat roof systems are only as waterproof as the flashing and curbs installed. Don’t turn to a separate team to install these features, but work with our comprehensive services for an efficient roof installation project.

Flashing needs to be sized to the specific penetration on your commercial or residential roof. Chimneys, commercial equipment vents and plumbing vents all come in various pipe dimensions. We work quickly to install the exact size and shape of flashing for every project.

We also provide curb and flashing repair services in Cambridge and the surrounding area. Corrosion, physical damage, or improperly installed mechanical features require prompt repairs. While our team works, we can inspect your flat roof materials and recommend maintenance tasks to extend its lifetime.

Enjoy Full-Service Roofing in Cambridge and the Surrounding Area

Maintain your commercial or residential building with the help of All Systems Roofing. Trust our experienced team for all your flat roof maintenance, repair and installation needs. Contact us to request a quote for mechanical curb and flashing repairs or installation in the Cambridge area.

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