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Modified Bitumen Systems

Choose a flat roofing system that offers the protection you need for flat or low-slope roofs. At All Systems Roofing, we’re proud to offer modified bitumen systems for residential, commercial and industrial flat roofs in the Cambridge area. Learn more about the two-ply system and how it can improve the durability of your roof. Breathe easy knowing that your building is free from roof leaks and other costly damage.

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How We Install Modified Bitumen

We start with your roof deck. Once the deck is fully cleaned and inspected, we add insulation to improve the R-value of your commercial building. Next, we prepare the surface for a two-ply system. We may need to remove existing roofing materials to prepare the surface for safe and effective installation.

Modified bitumen systems use a reinforced roof membrane made from rubberized or polymeric asphalt. This base layer is applied with a torch or mop. It’s a complex process that’s best left to experienced professionals. Improper installation can create leaks and cause injuries.

Next, we add the cap layer to seal your flat roof. The cap sheet has a granulated surface similar to asphalt shingles. This surface reflects UV rays, creates a waterproof surface and is a cost-effective system. It can be used on a flat roof or as a repair process for low-sloped roofs with asphalt shingles.

Repairing modified bitumen follows the same basic steps. A professional team is required to install or repair this roofing material; otherwise, you may not receive a fully waterproof surface. Work with a leader in your area to enjoy a full-service installation, repair and maintenance program.

How We Install Modified Bitumen

Work with our team in Cambridge, Kitchener and the surrounding areas to determine the best roofing system for your building. Consider modified bitumen if you have a flat roof and wish to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Multiple surface colour options
  • High tensile strength
  • Protection from hail, fire and wind
  • Affordable investment
  • VOC-free installation
  • Generous warranty options


These features make this system a strong choice for industrial facilities, commercial buildings and homes with a flat roof. This is only one type of roofing system we specialize in, so discuss the pros and cons of modified bitumen and other options to determine the best choice for your new installation.

Choose our repair services if you have a modified bitumen roof that needs to be patched or otherwise repaired. A damaged roof can cause costly leaks in your commercial facility, so work with a reliable team for prompt repairs. We quickly assess your roof and offer repair services. If it’s time to replace your modified bitumen roof, we discuss your options and provide a range of colours and features to choose from.

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Replace an outdated flat roof or maintain your existing roof structure today. Contact us at All Systems Roofing to enjoy a reliable, affordable solution to keep your property safe. Request an inspection and ask about our maintenance program to extend the lifetime of your flat roof.

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